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Jean-Paul Bourelly

Take the amazing chance to meet guitar-virtuoso and one of a kind-artist JEAN-PAUL BOURELLY. If anyone on the planet upholds the spirit of Hendrix while having his own very unique voice and taking music forward right now, this is the man!

Inventive, groovy, sharp, and with an unparalleled range, where tradition and world comes together with cutting edge, Bourelly has a great CV where playing with, among many many others, Elvin Jones and Cassandra Wilson, and having been active on the NY music scene for years, is mixed with his being based in Berlin since many years after that, and from where Bourelly runs a myriad of projects, such as the outstanding Stone Raiders, with Darryl Jones and Will Calhoun.

You will be kicking yourself if you miss this...

Meet JP in person on Musicians' Corner October 4th! Take this opportunity to ask your own questions and chat with him!

We will hang out with Jean-Paul Bourelly October 4th, and the time is 4PM EST, 9PM BST, 10PM CET. Check your local time if other.

There are only 5 (five!) seats available at this Artist Hangout, so make sure that one of them is booked for you!

Sign up now!

Date & time:  October 4th -- 4 PM EST. 9 PM BST. 10 PM CET

Number of seats: 5

What you need to participate is a computer and a good internet connection.

Price per seat (choose your currency): $ 28 € 25 KR 240