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Music journalist of the year Derek Walmsley

   Derek Walmsley, Deputy Editor at The Wire, was elected Music Journalist Of The Year 2014, by the artist jury at Musicians’ Corner at the beginning of the year. And on a summer day in London, Walmsley received the award.

   The jury, consisting of artists and Musicians’ Corner-contributors Jean-Paul Bourelly, Svante Karlsson and Chris Simmons, wrote the following about the recipient:

   "Derek Walmsley has an obvious passion for music and the infinite roots of its history. His work is enlightening and well-written. Details are combined with complexity in a way that makes you want to read more. Walmsley’s articles are nuanced and make insightful connections. The reader is informed through his articles and can no longer sit by as a passive consumer. This is elevated writing. It is deep and comprehensive. This is what we need more of today. Derek Walmsley is deserving of the award and should receive it."

   Saxophonist and Musicians’ Corner-contributor Zhenya Strigalev presented Derek Walmsley with the well deserved award in London during the week.

The jury behind the selection of the winner, and the presenter of the award:


Jean-Paul Bourelly, Svante Karlsson, Chris Simmons and Zhenya Strigalev.