Didier Lockwood

An article with Didier Lockwood

    Music is a way of life. It's something I need to expand myself and meet people and cultures. It's my transportation.

    I don't think of myself as a musician. I'm more like an artist. To me calling myself a musician feels restrictive.
Music is a game. It's playfulness. The game of music is a game that I love. Seeing music in that light is how I have found the spirituality in music. More and more I think it's a game.

    You cannot lie in music. If you lie you lose yourself.

Didier Lockwood with Biréli Lagrène and Jürgen Attig

    My father was a violin-player, and when I was 6 years old I wanted to play the violin and be like him. He was happy to know that I was happy, but he never said that he was proud of me. He was proud of my success, and felt ashamed by my failures.

    It may be really difficult to be free on the violin. At conservatories we are taught in classical music. We learn to read and write music before we learn to feel it. But I have never been about separating music. Even music that is bad, is bad because it is played badly.

Didier Lockwood with Stéphan Grappelli

    I'm always involved in many projects. Apart from playing with a lot of people in different forms I'm currently writing my 3d violin concert. I paint, and I'm writing a book.

    To me playing music, painting and writing is the same thing. I paint and play. I like philosophy and art, and the philosophy in the arts.

Didier Lockwood with Mike Stern, Tom Kennedy and Dave Weckl

Didier Lockwood's versatile career spans five decades so far, as well as a wide range of genres in music. He has recorded numerous albums. and composed concerts and chamber music.

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