Dorian Lynskey is the recipient of the third annual Music Journalist of the Year-award. This was announced earlier. And yesterday Dorian Lynskey received his much deserved award in London.

The artist jury that selected this brilliant writer are The Brand New Heavies, Ian Ethan Case and Miriam Kaul. And as usual they selected the recipient from your nominations. We would like to say thank you to our visitors for your excellent suggestions, and for once again giving the jury a difficult task.

The jury's motivation for giving Dorian Lynskey this award for his work in 2016 reads as follows:

We raise our hat to Dorian Lynskey. His work is vivid, deep and wide, and deliciously moreish to read, as he describes the world through music and vice versa. An accomplished writer, who is an asset to the field that he chooses to cover, and music is fortunate that he chose music. Flowing through a deep well of logical references, selecting quotes that zoom in or out on the topic at the right moment, and at times connecting us, the readers, to his subject matter, to the extent that he makes us feel as though they were neighbors, friends, Lynskey brings the horizon as well as humanism to life in his words.

Read a few examples of Lynskey's work in 2016 here.

The previous recipients of this award are:

Derek Walmsley, The Wire, for 2014

Derek Walmsley, music journalist of the year

Ruth Saxelby, The Fader, for 2015

Ruth Saxelby, music journalist of the year