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Here at Musicians' Corner you read and hear artists in their own words -- in articles.

But from now on you will not have to 'make do' with that -- only.

You can also talk to the artists yourself!

Introducing Musicians' Corner's Artist Hangouts, where you meet artists in person -- in realtime.

Articles are great. Material on music, as told by musicians, is gathered here and growing, and will continue to develop into even more of the great resource that it is. And it is staying put here too. You can look it up anytime.

However, meeting is also great...

Our Artist Hangouts begin this fall and take place over the internet, so you can join us from your own home or from wherever you happen to be. No flight tickets needed, no hassle, just straight to the conversation.

You sign up for the Artist Hangout/s that you are interested in taking part in. During all our hangouts the number of participants will be small, so there is ample opportunity to talk to the artist who is holding the hangout.

You are taking part for your own reasons. Perhaps you are a music fan, who would like to be able to talk to successful artists? Perhaps you're a music student, who would like the chance to ask a few questions? Maybe you're a fan of a specific artist who will hold a hangout here at Musicians' Corner, and would like the chance to connect to ask about records, gear or tour plans? It may be that you are an artist yourself, starting out or moving country, or in any number of situations that you wouldn't mind getting some advice on? Whatever your reason is, let's hangout and chat!

As said the spaces at our Artist Hangouts are very limited. There will only be a handful seats at every hangout -- so make sure you don't miss them by not signing up asap when they are announced !

Shortly we will announce the first Artist Hangouts, so keep it here !