Ragan Whiteside

To me music is freedom. It's the very essence of who I am. 

I can't imagine my life without music.

Ragan Whiteside jamming it on her 2019 release

I got started on flute when the band teacher came by. I wanted to play the drums but they were taken. I wanted to play the trumpet and it was the same thing. So I asked what was left, and the flute was. And it grew on me -- and it was destiny.

I'm releasing my 5th album, and it's about I "Jam It''. It's the music to play in the background at a backyard barbeque, the sounds there to make people go ''That's my jam!''. 


Ragan Whiteside's new single release "Jam It"

My plans include finishing things up in the studio and lining up festivals for next year. There are already some excellent bookings and I'm working on more of them. 

My songs are doing very well in the charts, and I have reached this success without a record label. Being independant has been rewarding, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

Ragan Whiteside is a flautist, singer and song-writer with chart success, operating in the smooth jazz lane.