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   We are proud to announce that the recipient of The Music Journalist of the Year-award for 2015 is Ruth Saxelby.

   Ruth Saxelby is managing editor at The Fader, and has also contributed her journalistic skills at Pitchfork, The Guardian, Dummy, and Dazed & Confused.

   Among the excellent articles that Saxelby produced during the previous year you find examples such as these:

Techno Pioneer Derrick May Is Ready For Detroit To Get Its On-Screen Dues

In Conversation With The All-Knowing Ryuichi Sakamoto

   Musicians Corners' artist jury's motivation for awarding Ruth Saxelby with the title Music Journalist of the Year:

Ruth Saxelby is our choice. We have done many interviews, and questions can occasionally feel contrived. Saxelby's approach to questioning artists keeps the interest of the reader, while moving the subject matter in a cohesive manner.  As performance artists ourselves, we appreciate her insight and attention to the topic. It was refreshing to read about subjects we don't often read about, such as the inspiration of a film composer. Saxelby is a talented writer, and we hope that she will have many years of unique and insightful journalism.

   The artist jury for this year's award were Kent Beatty, Will Calhoun and Mfa Kera.

   The annual Music Journalist of the Year-award was first presented in 2015.