Logo for the Music Journalist of the Year award at Musicians' Corner

For three years now we have given out the Music Journalist of the Year-Award. And we intended to do so this year as well. This award is given to a journalist for work done in the previous year. And during the previous years the nominations for the award have been up to par with the expectations for quality that you need to be able to find in a music journalist receiving this award. However, this year, after putting the artist jury together, we find that the nominations this time around are a bit too weak. We don't give this award out for the sake of it, or whatever. It is intended to highlight quality journalism about music, and should we start giving it out no matter what that would decrease the value of the award, of having received it and receiving it in the future. It does actually go to someone who in our opinion has produced great articles about music, or it doesn't actually go out at all.

We would like to thank you so very much for your nominations. The journalists you nominated gave YOU something as you read them. That certainly is an achievement in of itself.

Find out more about the award and the recipients in the previous years here.