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Welcome to Musicians’ Corner’s Virtual Artist Assistant.

We offer hands-on help with fan management at radically affordable prices.

Can we help YOU? If you are stressed out about social media, if it is a chore that takes up far too much of your time, if you have figured out that the quick dopamine surge from a few reactions to a posting doesn't leave any lasting contentment or visible results in revenue, if you would rather do something else while still getting your social media done the way you want it - we can help you at affordable prices.


Fan Management 1

For $ 30 per month we will handle your social media channels. This includes updating your social media with relevant posts, answering your messages in social media, and informing you of those that are of significant nature. We will also keep your feeds spam- and troll-free, and if you so wish we will advertise your messages and videos to boost your internet presence. We will post the material, and keep your social media optimized and user-friendly.

We want a conversation with you or your management once every two months, to be kept up to speed on your schedule, and to be updated gradually when changes and additions are made with data that can be of use for keeping the communication with your fans vibrant. We want as much photo material as you can provide, at the beginning of our assignment and gradually, for your posts and updates. We want your general guidelines as for the tone and ambience that you would like in your feeds and public messages. Preferably – but this is optional and up to you – a budget for promotions is a plus, and will boost your internet presence. We recommend a minimum budget to this end, and will of course provide you with detailed reports as to how your budget is spent and what its results are.
We offer Fan Management 1 for a trial period, both ways, of six months.

The only material that is stored is the material you submit to us during our assignment to be used according to your instructions and our mutual agreement. No material is stored after our assignment has ended, or furthered without your knowledge and consent at any time.

If you like this service or would like a conversation please contact us by using the contact form. We will contact you within two days.

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